A)  All Retired Police Officers who held the rank of Dy.Superintendent of Police and above in Andhra Pradesh (erstwhile and present) as well as those who held equalant ranks in Police Organizations of other States and Central Police organizations, will be eligible for membership.  They can enrol themselves as members by filing an application in the prescribed proforma.

The membership of a Retired Police Officer will cease on his demise or on his resignation from the membership in writing.  The membership of a Retired Police officer violating the aims and objects and rules and regulations of the Association will be terminated by the Executive committee subject to ratification by the General body.

B) Fee: There shall be only one category of membership i.e. life Membership. The payment of fees towards life membership shall be Rs.1000/- at one time i.e. at the time of enrollment. The existing life members need to pay only 40% of the life membership fee i.e. Rs.400/- . All new members shall pay Rs.1000/-.


The Jurisdiction of the Association extends to the whole of Andhra Pradesh State for all legal purposes.

Retired Police Officers residing within a revenue District in the State will be authorised to run District units of the Association of Retired Police Officers of Andhra Pradesh. 40% of the fee collected by District Units will be remitted to the main Association i.e. Association of Retired Police Officers of Andhra Pradesh by the District units. Which will retain 60%. The District Units will consist of an Executive Committee as follows.

  1. President-1
  2. Vice President-2
  3. Secretary- 1
  4. Joint Secretary-1
  5. Treasurer-1
  6. Executive Committee Members-3

General Body

i) The meeting of the General body shall be convened by the Executive committee by giving at least 15 days notice.

ii) The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the General body, consisting of all its members. It will be the policy planning body, having the right to amend as well as introduce new rules/ Bye-Laws.

 iii) The General body shall elect the Executive committee.

iv) The General body shall normally meet at least once in a year, preferably in the month of June .  

v) The minimum quorum for the General Body meeting will be 1/10 of the total members or 30 members whichever is less. In case, the aforesaid minimal quorum is not present, the General body meeting will be adjourned for a minimum of 2hours and reconvened thereafter, regardless of the quorum.

Executive Committee:

The Executive committee of the State Association shall comprise of the following office bearers:

i) President

ii) Vice President-I

iii) Vice President-II

iv) Vice President - III

v) General Secretary

vi) Organizing secretary

 vii) Joint Secretary-I

viii) Joint Secretary-II

ix) Treasurer.

At least one of the 3 Vice Presidents shall be a Retired IPS officer.

The Executive committee will comprise of 14 members besides the office bearers listed above.

The term of the Executive committee shall be for a period of two years.

However, there is no bar for any office bearer or member of the Executive committee to be re elected for further term or terms.

In the event of any vacancy arising in the Executive committee, the committee will co-opt a member of the Association to fill the vacancy, until the General body meets and elects a member to fill up the vacancy.

None of the office bearers or EC members shall hold a position in the District/ unit committees.

Powers and functions of Executive committee:

i) The Executive committee will conduct the affairs of the Association, including preparation and implementation of action programmes consistent with the aims and objects listed above.

ii) To convene a meeting of the Executive committee, normally seven (7) days notice should be given, as and when necessary.

            In case of an emergency, however, the Executive committee can be convened at short notice.

iii) Quorum for the Executive committee meeting will be not less than 6 members.

The following will be assignments and responsibilities of office bearers.


i) He shall preside over the meetings of the General body as well as the Executive committee of the Association.

ii) The President will liaise with the Government, Departmental authorities and other organizations for achieving the aims and objects of the Association.

Vice Presidents 

Three Of the 3 Vice Presidents, one will be designated as Executive Vice President. The functions of these 3 i.e. Executive Vice President and two Vice Presidents will be as follows.

i) Executive Vice President: He will deal with day to day routine work of the Association and approve the same, while the President will be consulted on important matters and his approval obtained.

ii) Vice Presidents 2 : When both the President and the Executive Vice President are not available one of the Vice Presidents available will preside over the meetings of the Association and exercise all the powers of the Executive Vice President.   

General Secretary:

The Primary responsibility of the General Secretary will be to implement policies and action programmes as formulated by the General body and the Executive committee of the Association.

He will exercise all powers as delegated to him by the Executive committee.

Organising secretary 1:

A) He will assist the General Secretary in the organisational matters and in the implementation of the plans and programmes etc. In the absence of the General secretary he will discharge his functions as entrusted by the President.

 B) Joint Secretaries -2 : The Joint Secretaries will assist the Organizing Secretary/ General secretary in the implementation of the plans and programmes of the Association.  When both the General Secretary and Organizing Secretary are not available one of the Joint Secretaries will discharge the functions as entrusted by the Executive Vice President / President.


He will be responsible for maintaining all accounts of the Association and present the Statement of income and expenditure to the General body at the end of the financial year, or whenever called for by the Executive committee.

The Treasurer will prepare the annual budget for the year and present it to the General body for its review and approval.

For all purposes, the year will be the financial year i.e. 1st April to 31st March.


Accounts will be opened in a scheduled Bank located in Guntur, AP. It will be jointly operated by the Treasurer along with General Secretary.

The funds of the Association will be audited at the end of financial year by an Auditor appointed by the General body.

Amendment of the Rules:

Any amendments to the Bye-Laws of the Association shall be considered only by the special meeting of the General body convened for the purpose. Any amendment will be adopted only when it is voted by two thirds of the members present and voted at the meeting.

As for the quorum of the above mentioned special meeting the quorum will be the same as prescribed for the annual General body meeting.