The Association is formed to achieve certain specific objectives which are listed below.

i) To render assistance to Retired Police Officers and their families by providing help whenever required and to the extent possible, in various matters such as medical aid, housing, education and employment of children, pension settlement etc.

ii) To provide a forum for the Retired Police Officers in the State to exchange their ideas and experiences and to provide a meeting ground to promote socio economic and cultural interaction among them and their families.

iii) To undertake an objective study of the on – ground problems of the Police and to render help and professional advice to the Government as well as the authorities concerned with the ultimate object of improving the police efficiency as well as their image in the public eye.

iv) To liaise with social service Organizations in rendering relief to the poor and the down trodden sections of public and also to take up relief measures during disasters and natural calamities and to render necessary assistance to the authorities in dealing with emergency situations.

v) To collaborate with media, educational and various other institutions, to organize seminars and symposia for furthering the cause of the police force:

vi)To sensitise the public about their rights and duties in general, and of  Policing in particular.

 vii) To take up any other issues of interest to the Retired Police Officers.